These Disturbing Post-Modern Doll Houses Are Abnormal And Amazing. Seriously Freaky.

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Most of you are probably a little too old for doll houses. That is probably a good thing, considering the modern twist that French artist Marc Giai-Miniet has taken on them. In fact, he”s actually managed to make them downright scary.

Giai-Miniet painstakingly crafts miniature post-modern/post apocalyptic-looking scenes inside boxes resembling buildings. The attention to detail in these scenes is amazing, and only adds to the overall feeling of unease when viewing them. You”ve got to see it to believe it.

At first, these scenes may seem normal…

At first, these scenes may seem normal...

Upon closer inspection, though, you”ll realize how creepy they are.

Upon closer inspection, though, you

The details are astounding.

The details are astounding.

This isn”t the kind of dollhouse you”d want to buy your daughter…

This isn

Here is Giai-Miniet with his creations.

Here is Giai-Miniet with his creations.

Not all of Giai-Miniet”s work is constructing post-modern doll houses, though. He also draws and paints with in a similar modern style. Check out a sample of his other work.

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All of his work is incredibly disturbing, but in a beautiful way. Don”t forget to share this story and Marc”s amazing work on Facebook by clicking below.