These Photos Will Make You Think Twice About Judging People And Animals

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Birmingham, Alabama-based photographer Brian Batista began a project in 2012 called Tattoos & Rescues. The photo series had fairly standard subjects–people and their dogs–but with a twist. The people Batista photographed are all tattooed, some more heavily than others, and their dogs are all rescues. Many of the dogs featured in the series are pit bulls, which face extermination by people who think they are inherently ferocious dogs. Pit bulls are often used in illegal dog fighting rings where they are injured, abused, and killed.

These photographs are a testament to the dangers of stereotyping humans and dogs alike. They show that no matter what”s on the outside, the potential for love, joy, and warmth are always present.

Jeremy, Newton, and Mathilda

Phil and Gooch

Like pit bulls, people who choose to get inked are also often on the receiving end of negativity, despite the fact that roughly 20% of the U.S. population sports at least one tattoo. On his site, Batista recounts an instance where his friend was fired from a job after getting a tattoo. The tattoo in question was a memorial piece for his four-year-old son, who passed away. It was then when Batista started his photo series, seeking to rid the world of stereotypes against humans and animals alike.

Steve and Misty

One of the most inspiring human-dog families Batista has photographed are Richard and Major. Major, a put bull puppy, was attacked by another dog and severely injured. Major is doing better now and lives a happy life. Richard since became dedicated to saving dogs. He even has pit bull and rescue-themed tattoos to show his support.

Major, with stitches, and Richard, his owner. Richard is showing off his knuckle tattoos, which show his dedication to animal rescue.

Don”t forget that it”s never a good idea to judge a book by its cover, whether it”s a pit bull or a person with tattoos. Stereotypes help no one, but having an open mind and an open heart helps everyone.

Tattoos & Rescues is an ongoing project and is always seeking subjects. You can see more of these interspecies couples on Batista”s website. You can also see more of his photography work there, which includes music, events, and, yes, pets. You can also see his work on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.