Nail Polish Isn’t Just For Pretty Fingers And Toes — Here Are 19 Other Uses

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Growing up, I was rarely allowed to paint my nails. My mom considered the lacquer too mature for a teenager.

But in a world where tweens have cell phones and just about everyone has a social media account — I’m looking at you, babies and pets — what is “too mature” anymore? Not much.

Nowadays, you’ll be hard-pressed to find me without painted tips and toenails, but the colorful polish is good for far more than just accessorizing an outfit. Here are just a few ways you can get the most out of your nail colors.

1. Instead of licking tons of envelopes — bleh! — seal them with some nail polish!

2. Turn any smooth rock into a beautifully customized paperweight with a little lacquer.

3. Apply clear nail polish to costume jewelry to keep it from discoloring your skin or losing its shine.

4. Give an old necklace a new look by painting over the stones with a new hue.

Here’s how.

5. Some prefer to use clear nail polish to get rid of stubborn warts. Just apply a thin layer and reapply as needed to suffocate the spot.

6. Can’t see the buttons on your remote in the dark? Paint important ones with some glow-in-the-dark polish.

7. Easily thread a needle by dipping the frayed end in some polish. Roll it between your fingers and not only will it dry stiff, it will go through without a fight!

8. Secure a loose button by coating the exposed thread with some clear polish.

The same idea applies to screws.

9. Stop a run from getting worse by applying some clear polish to the trouble spot.

10. If your clothes are fraying more than you want them to, stop the damage from getting worse with a touch of clear lacquer.

11. Too lazy to take your car in for a small scratch? Just use some similarly colored nail polish to patch it up.

12. Keep a windshield crack from spreading by putting a small coat of clear polish on it until you can get to an auto shop.

13. Coat the tips of your matches with some clear polish before heading out for a camping trip. This will prevent any water damage but won’t stop them from starting a fire.

14. Always trying to find your ideal temperature in the shower? When you finally land on it, mark the spot with some polish so you never have to search again.

15. Take your favorite color polish and turn a boring mug into a marbled beauty — here’s how!

16. Make a marbled coaster in the same manner!

Here’s how.

17. Keep track of which key goes to what by color coding them with some polish.

18. Make adorable, customized bobby pins when you paint them with a few colors.

19. Paint the bottoms of your shoes with a fun color. You can also hide scuffs with your shoe’s same polish palette.

I don’t know about you, but I think I’m going to head to the store to stock up on every color of the rainbow…this stuff is so useful!