Your Deepest Darkest Fears Have Finally Come To Life, Thanks To This Artist

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What are you most afraid of? We”re not talking about the usual phobias like spiders or heights or clowns, we mean the really scary, intensely personal ones that barely make sense even to you. Are you uncomfortable just thinking about it? Good. That”s just what illustrator Fran Krause asked to create his ongoing project, Deep Dark Fears. Krause accepts submissions on hiss Tumblr site where people can anonymously describe their worst fears, and then Krause illustrates them. He began the project using his own fears.

(via BoredPanda)

(I”m going to be honest, this one breaks my heart.)

If you still have the fortitude after reading through those, you can check out more of Krause”s work on his Tumblr and Facebook pages, and even submit a deep dark fear of your own. He”s also got a Twitter and Instagram