What This Mother-Daughter Team Use To Make This Jewelry Is Surprisingly Awesome

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In a world of cheap, throwaway jewelry, one design team is stepping up to reintroduce some quality into the world–with a twist.

Forage and Find is a U.K.-based jewelry company that recycles and repurposes vintage jewelry and watches. If pieces are too old or broken to be resold as is, they”re carefully taken apart and reassembled into new, one-of-a-kind pieces that are delightful to behold.

These pieces all use watch mechanisms combined with jewelry accents for a steampunk-esque look with a fancier twist.

Forage and Find is made up of Elaine and Alice, a mother-daughter team who both have an eye for quality style. The business was born in 2011, when mother Elaine found an old bag of vintage watch parts, some dating from the 1930s, in her garage.

The parts had been sitting unnoticed and unloved for about 30 years, but Elaine and Alice thought they were too pretty to languish in a garage. The pair started creating unique jewelry pieces from them, and Forage and Find was born.

Other pieces pull together different pieces of jewelry to create something one-of-a-kind.

Though they started by using watch pieces, the jewelry now includes all kinds of unexpected touches. Elaine and Alice use everything from Edwardian pocketwatch pieces to vintage gaming components, music box keys, and much more.

Besides the components themselves, Elaine and Alice feel that the imperfections and wear their finds feature are key to the design of the jewelry. Their pieces will sport tarnish, minor damage, and imperfections, but these details give them all the more character.

The watch faces are used, too.

Forage and Find”s portfolio of unique and vintage jewelry is huge, and they offer items for both men and women. You can see more on their website, as well as on Etsy, Facebook, and Instagram.