How Does One Photo Make So Many People Cry? By Knowing Why It Was Taken.

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There are very few things as difficult in life as taking care of a dying loved one. This is the story of a man named Frank Tugend, a coal miner, a father, and a grandfather.

In his final years before dying, he suffered from generalized arteriosclerosis. He required around the clock assistance, most of which came from his grandsons. In the photo below, Dan Jury, one of his grandsons, is seen cradling him – almost as if he has returned to childhood. The year was 1974.


In his final 3 years, Tugend started his decline. First, his memory began to fail. Then he lost the ability to drive. Following shortly after, he could no longer bathe, dress, or take care of himself at all.

The family created a beautiful book, filled with photos and interviews. From that book, the following excerpt explains how Tugend”s life came to an end:

aOn February 11, 1974, Frank Tugend, aged eighty-one and of dubiously sound mind- but certainly of sound body a removed his false teeth and announced he was longer going to eat or drink. Three weeks later to the day, he died.a

Unfortunately, the book is no longer in print or available, but what this family faced is something millions of others are going through right now.

As nearly impossible as it is to take care of a loved one as they pass on and out of this world, there”s also no greater gift to share their final days together.

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