Here Are Four Comedians On The Brink Of Fame & Some Of Their Funniest Tweets!

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Do you like to laugh? Of course, you do. What are you a monster?

2015 is already (checks watch, realizes I don’t have one and that there isn’t even a calendar on said watch anyway, checks iPhone, iPhone’s dead because I didn’t charge it last night, checks calendar on Google) a third of the way done, so why not discuss where the world of comedy and its future are currently heading with some up-and-coming standups, and performers.

If you haven’t seen or heard of these four comedians yet, you definitely will, because they’re all incredibly talented, industrious, and on the rise to greatness.

World, meet Aparna Nancherla, Ben Siemon, Matt Ingebretson, and Emmy Blotnick.

Along with each comedian, I’ve taken the liberty of providing some recent tweets to show how consistently hilarious these performers are. So yeah, I took that liberty. That liberty of yours is gone.

Aparna Nancherla is the master of the perfectly crafted one-liner whose punchline always brilliantly defies expectation.

Ben Siemon! Ben’s Facebook posts and tweets are pretty much the funniest part of anyone’s feed. A writer for Tiny, Tiny Talk Show, a gifted puppeteer, and (ask anyone in the UCB community) a gifted improv performer, coach, and brilliant sketch comedian, Ben is someone to expect big, hilarious things from in the nearest of futures.

Matt Ingebretson’s Twitter posts are darkly hysterical. His standup is hilarious, and his Idiot Fencing should not be missed. He’s also a writer for The Soup‘s web content.

If you’re not following Emmy Blotnick on Twitter, what are you really doing with your life? This @midnight writer is definitely someone who is not only worthy of staying on top of their tweets, but also someone to watch perform live; she was named a Comic to Watch by Comedy Central.