These Light-up Lollipops Will Keep You Up All Night With Their Awesomeness

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If these light-up lollipops don”t have your inner-child looking to party, nothing will. The pops themselves seem simple enough, but flick on a ultraviolet or UV light and you”ll see that these things are unlike any candy you”ve ever had before. While they might look a little bit like the by-product of a nuclear explosion, there”s nothing to keep you from eating these cool candies. Unless, of course, you”re allergic to having a good time.

Another awesome thing about these light-up lollipops is that they”re easy to make too. All you need is some sugar, tonic water, glucose, lemon juice, and vanilla pod.


160 grams of granulated sugar

55 grams of tonic water

Glass 50 grams of glucose (or corn syrup)

Juice of 12 lemon

Grated 12 vanilla pod


Silicone mat / silicone molds or greaseproof paper

Lollipop sticks

Black light


Put the sticks on a cookie sheet lined with parchment / silicone mat paper.

Before starting lollipops, remove as much of the carbonation from the tonic water as possible.

Mix sugar, tonic water, glucose, scrape and juice of half a lemon. Stir thoroughly until everything is completely dissolved . Put them to a pot, and put to medium heat (4) for about 20 minutes.

Let the contents of the pot bubble until its transparent, not amber.

Once the mixture starts boiling pot, stop shaking or stirring. Use a thermometer to make sure it reaches the 150C.

Once you have reached the indicated temperature, let cool until the contents stop bubbling.

Pour the mixture onto the parchment paper in a circular motion until the size of your taste and let cool. Add the sticks to keep them firm.

Wrap lollipops in plastic bags and store in a cool place.

(via Verde Matcha, H/T MyModernMet)

What a cool and simple recipe. I don”t know if a club will let you in with these, but with light-up lollipops, you can bring the party anywhere you want.