The Best Fake Ads From Your Favorite Movies, Compiled Into One Great Video.

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There”s no better commercials in the world than those that are in movies and no, I don”t mean the coming attractions. You know an advertisement is a good when it makes you want to spend money, even after you emptied your bank account for the movie ticket and small popcorn. Luckily for us, the ads featured in these films are as fictitious as the stories themselves (so you can keep your remaining money).

That said, if I ever see a ghost, the first person I call is undoubtedly going to be Bill Murray. Check out the video below and see how many of what Screen Junkies dubbed the best of the best ads in movies you remember and catch up on the ones you missed.

(via Screen Junkies)

Those are so good. I”ll bet I could watch a feature-length film that”s just movie commercials. When it comes out on Netflix, of course. I don”t think the bank will give me another loan to go see a movie in theaters.