Joey Tribbiani’s Dream Has Come True: A Kitchen With A Shower In It!

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Apartment Hunting. So fun.

Okay, let’s all agree that no matter what state in which you live, apartment hunting is a nightmare. You somehow end up stretching your budget just to live somewhere that isn’t even all that great for how much you are paying.

But this New York apartment on Lower East Side that’s listed for $1795/month really takes the cake….

Boy, that’s a funny looking fridge. Oh… Oh, wait.

Boy, that's a funny looking fridge. Oh... Oh, wait.

Yes. THAT IS A SHOWER IN THE KITCHEN. Like, right smack in the middle of the kitchen.

And even though this kitchen shower arrangement isn’t out of the ordinary for a NY apartment, according to the broker, the bedroom will not fit more than a bed

From Padmapper:

From <a href=";id=221923326&amp;src=main" target="_blank">Padmapper</a>:


And here is the shower-less bathroom. It’s nice and cozy, I guess. I mean it gets the job semi-done.

And here is the shower-less bathroom. It's nice and cozy, I guess. I mean it gets the job <em>semi-done</em>.

But who even said we HAD to have our shower in the same room as the toilet and sink? It isn’t a rule. So I guess that makes this totally okay?

Joey is so interested.

Joey is so interested.

But probably can’t afford it, to be honest.