Good Luck To Anyone Trying To Eat Literally Anything Around This Ridiculous Cat

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Living with a cat can come with its own set of challenges: hair bands go missing, things that definitely aren”t litter boxes get mistaken for one, and everything you own suddenly has a feline fur lining.

Marmalade (of Cole and Marmalade) has his own special quirk: your food is his food. For some reason, his rude human doesn”t seem to agree. But that doesn”t stop the cutie from trying every single time he sees him sit down with a yummy meal.

“Ooh, my favorite!”

“Pizza is also my favorite!”

“Popcorn is my MOST favorite!”

Watch the whole video here to see all the adorable:

I don”t think I could ever resist giving in to those sweet eyes. Head over to their YouTube page for even more adorable clips of the cutie with his brother, Cole.

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