Etsy Holiday Shopping Guide: The Best Unique Artwork You Can Buy Online

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Holiday shopping! Picking out things you hope know your family and friends will love is a fun, but stressful, process. Sometimes, it can even be boring. I mean, how many Frozen-themed items can you possibly collect and still have fun doing it? (Hint: none.) Holiday shopping can empty out your bank account and add to your stress levels.

That”s why we”re here to help you. We”ve scoured Etsy, that cyber-mall of handicrafts, and put together a list of some of our favorite shops. All the items you see here are handmade by artists and artisans from all over the world. And because these are individuals rather than huge corporations, you know your purchase is going directly to a person like you and it”s helping them out financially. It”s kind of like giving two gifts at once!

Today, we”re going to be looking at paintings on paper. The artists who create these will sell either originals or prints, sometimes both, depending on the seller. A piece of art is a great gift for someone who likes to decorate, make great additions to kids” rooms, and are easy to mail if you need a long-distance gift. Some can even do double duty as holiday cards, but make sure they”re designed for this before writing on anything.

1. DearPumpernickel Bird Art

This shop sells prints (so they”re not one of a kind) of bird-themed watercolors. They”re cheerful, delicate and most are small enough to mail easily. They”d make a great little decoration piece for a small room. If someone you know is less than enthusiastic about birds, you can see more of the artist”s work over at her second shop, DearCatharina.

2. Anavicky Illustrations

The illustrations of Ana Victoria Calderon are full of vibrant colors, inspirational quotes and incredible detail. They”re also just all around a lot of fun. Her shop offers prints on paper that can be hung, and her work is also available on smartphone covers so you can take it with you. As a holiday bonus, she also stocks printed tissue paper for giftwrapping.

3. Coramantic Prints and Paintings

For those that like pastel colors, this shop is perfect, featuring folksy, doodly paintings of nature in soft, sweet colors. The shop features both original pieces as well as archival-quality giclee prints by textile artist Yvonne Stewart. Custom orders are available, but some restrictions may apply.

4. Blue Palette Original Art

These one-of-a-kind paintings are truly unique, featuring landscapes, still-life, animals and abstract designs in a round shape. But don”t worry–the rounds are painted on rectangular paper, so framing is easy. Each piece is unique, so that means another one like it will never exist.

5. LauraGeorge Art and Illustrations

Laura Berger”s artwork is at once sweet and funny, starring humanoids, indeterminate animals and a graphic style with bold colors and lines. Berger also accepts commissions for custom work.

This is just a small sample of the amazing artwork you can find online, and we encourage you to check out as much as you can. We”ll also be covering other types of artwork and gift ideas from small artists and studios around the world, so be sure to check those out as well.