How To Get Your Mom To Stop Asking If Your Boyfriend Is Real: A Selfie Arm For The Lonley

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Finally, you can upload some selfies and your high school bullies on Facebook won’t have discussions at the local bar about how lonely you must be.

“It looks like she has friends now,” one will say.

“Yeah, they’re holding hands in all her pictures,” the other will say.

“She’s still a loser, however, it’s important not to forget that, but at least she’s found someone to tolerate her,” your 10th grade math teacher will say as she downs another Mai Tai, because for some reason your hometown has an outdoor tiki themed bar near the train tracks, that’s open year round even when there’s four feet of snow.

But I digress.

Artists and designers Aric Snee and Justin Crowe have created the prototype for the Selfie Arm. They say it is a “sarcastic solution” to being alone, by creating the illusion of having a companion. I say it’d be a perfect solution if they gave me another arm and I could use it to wrap myself up at night so I can at least feel like someone wants to hold me.

The adjustable phone mount accepts most smart phones, just like my adjustable heart will accept most date offers.