Lazareth The Gossip Of Nazareth Is The Funniest Character Never To Make It Into The Bible!

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“You hear about Mary?”

It’s Sunday aka the holiest day of the week because of brunch, hallah-ed be thy name French Toast.

In order to get in the biblical spirit of A.D. The Bible, which is NBC‘s attempt at mixing Game of Thrones with The Bible every Sunday, why not honor today’s weighty significance by performing a sanctifying act of reverence.

No, we’re not talking about praying, we’re talking about watching the sacrilegiously hilarious sketch Lazareth: The Gossip of Nazareth.

Comedian Clayton Farris‘ character Lazareth the Gossip of Nazareth is all about dishing on the figures of scripture, and altar boy does he really spill some serious tea about them.

In the installment above, Lazareth talks about how Mary got herself knocked up, despite claiming to be a virgin. Yeah, Lazareth ain’t convinced, to put it lightly.

Check out the video that is sure to be a holy trinity of giggles, gaggles, and guffaws above! Be sure to check out the rest of the episodes, HERE.