Everyone Ignored This Bleeding Cat, But This Guy Decided To Rescue It

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Reddit user HoneyFlowers saw a tragic scene of what appeared to be a cat that had been horribly hurt.

Clearly no one had bothered to stop and help the poor thing out. There was blood splattered all over and the cat just laid there, presumably dying.

Stopping only to take a few photos of the unusual scene along the way, the brave Redditor approached the wounded feline with the intention of helping it.

However, as HoneyFlowers got closer….

“Saw this cat bleeding out”

"Saw this cat bleeding out"

“[so I] ran to it’s rescue”

"[so I] ran to it's rescue"

“It was just dried red paint”

"It was just dried red paint"

“Smug bastard”

"Smug bastard"

Welp, looks like HoneyFlowers got trolled…

Welp, looks like HoneyFlowers got trolled...