Amy Schumer’s Take On Birth Control Is Spot On And Absolutely Hilarious

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We live in a bizarre world where women are (still) being told what they can and can’t do with their own bodies. That’s super weird, right? I mean, the only person that truly effects is the woman making the decision, right? Why is this still happening? Why did it EVER start to begin with?

Amy Schumer‘s show on Comedy Central right now is straight up KILLING it in the social commentary department. Not only has she taken on high school football and rape culture, but she also took on the the lyrics boy bands have for young women. Now her sights are on birth control, and that it’s absolutely absurd the amount of hoops a woman has to jump through just to avoid pregnancy — or any number of other medical reasons to take birth control.

Isn’t sex supposed to be fun?

In the video (above), we go down the rabbit hole of everyone Amy needs to consult with before she can get her prescription… that doesn’t even have refills. And the ending is as funny as it is enraging in the fact that it’s so close to truth.

It’s 2015 and infuriating that issues like this exist. Aren’t we supposed to already be looking back at them from decades in the future with total embarrassment by now? I mean, there’s a population of robots on Mars and we put them there. Can’t women just get a f***ing break already?

Until then, I guess at least we have Amy.

(Never stop, Amy)