You Can’t Even Guess How Many Phone Numbers This Painfully Awkward Dude Gets!

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“Do you have coffee to get sometime?”

Yes, this is an actual pick-up line used by the gentleman in the video above.

A guy named Alex, or as he pronounces it “Alexkkkkssssssss,” tries to answer the age old question: can awkward guy pick up girls?

The answer is, believe it or not, yes. In a social experiment that tests the very limits of bearability, Alex approaches a number of UCLA ladies with one goal in mind: getting their number.

Alex botches poetry, he creepily says a girl’s hair “smells pretty,” and he moans, stutters, and groans, oftentimes while staring off into the distance, as if he can almost see the embarrassing horrors that led him to be so uneasy around the opposite sex.

But lo and behold, Alex turns out to spit some serious game — who knew that shaking back and forth would be found to be attractive — as he manages to a few get numbers.

I really want to see how Alex would fare on a first date with all of these women. How do you think he would do?