President Obama Really Loves Chicago Sports Teams… Except…

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President Barack Obama joins Twitter and it creates a few minor waves in the social media community. He says this Twitter account is actually him and not one of his handlers doing the heavy work for him.

No big, right?


As the President himself added 65 Twitter feeds to follow, he proved himself to be a real Chicago sports fan, making sure to follow, the Blackhawks, the White Sox, da Bears, and da Bulls.

But auspiciously absent in the President’s list of teams he follows: The Cubs.

And they definitely noticed.

ESPN (one of the first to spot the observation) reminds us that the First Lady, Michelle Obama, has been a vocal supporter of the Cubs in the past. In a response to a news report from NBC Sports, categorizing the Cubs as being not happy with the alleged “diss,” the official Cubs twitter account brought up the following (hopeful) suggestion:

Let’s hope the next person who interviews the President gets to the bottom of this very important issue.