Matthew McConaughey Reacts To The Release Of The Star Wars Trailer & It Is Pure Emotion

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This trailer is more than just alright, alright, alright.

Did you get a little force choked up watching the recently released trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens? Well, you’re not alone.

One YouTuber managed to make it seem like Matthew McConaughey was an emotional wreck (just like that wrecked Star Destroyer in the opening shot of the trailer) while watching his favorite characters, even from a galaxy far, far away.

Of course, the trailer was synched up perfectly with Cooper’s breakdown seen upon seeing his children, and his grandchildren grow up, and MURPH! MURPHY, MY GOD, MURPH!

However, thanks to the mashup, it seems like Matthew’s shedding a tear or two in response to the gloriousness that is this trailer.

Oh, and Han’s line at the end? Well, he just can’t right now, y’all!

Watch all the hilarity above!