Everything Went Pitch Black…And In Moments, Everyone In The Crowd Was Stunned

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Dance has evolved quite a bit from its early incarnations. It has undergone a ton of changes that no one could have possibly predicted, from ballet, to break dancing, to twerking. Many people have put their own unique spin on dance, and this Siberian dance troupe is no different.

UDI is a dance troupe that has been gaining popularity over the years with their one-of-a-kind style and their interesting take on what dance is and should be. They recently had a chance to showcase their skills on Britain”s Got Talent and they didn”t disappoint.

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What a truly inspired performance. I bet that was unlike anything the judges or the audience had ever seen before. This type of talent should be rewarded and fostered, so hopefully UDI can continue in the competition and take home the top prize.