Soccer Mascot Gets Drunk; Falls Down In Middle Of Match

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A majestic lion superhero, seen here exhibiting classic “drunk walk”

A majestic lion superhero, seen here exhibiting classic "drunk walk"

Super Leo, the mascot for Austrian Football Bundesliga team Austria Vienna, lost his head at a recent match. I mean that he literally lost his mascots head, and figuratively he had a bad idea when he decided to wander onto the field in the middle of a match.

ESPN reports that it was his 42nd birthday that day (everyone knows you go big when it’s the 21st birthday X 2), and he got a little too into it. He tried to cheer on the team as he was supposed to, but ending up falling all over himself in the process. He told off paramedics and then drunkenly stumbled off the field.

Luckily, Austria won the game 2-1, probably because they saw just how low one person can go.

The Huffington Post already had a go at a lion based pun: Lacking in courage, the lion found a liquid substitute.

May I suggest: Today, the lion lost his pride.

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