11 Most Unbelievable Sex World Record Holders

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From the World’s Biggest Penis to the World’s Largest Vagina, check out some of the weirdest sex world records you may not see in the Guinness Book of Records….

From the World's Biggest Penis to the World's Largest Vagina, check out some of the weirdest sex world records you may not see in the Guinness Book of Records....

1. Longest Ejaculation

Longest Ejaculation

Horst Shultz achieved 18’9″ in distant shot of ejaculation of semen. He also holds the records for greatest height (12’4″) and the greatest speed of ejaculation with 42.7mph.

2. Most Orgasms

Most Orgasms

For 22 years, Doctors William Hartman and Marilyn Fithian of The Center for Martial Sexual Studies in Long Beach, CA, have been faithfully recording orgasmic response in their laboratory. The most orgasms they recorded in an hour for a woman is a staggering 134, while the best men could do was 16.

3. Longest Orgasm

Longest Orgasm

A 1966 Masters and Johnson study recorded a woman who experienced a 43 second long orgasm consisting of at least 25 successive contractions.

4. Most Semen Swallowed

Most Semen Swallowed

Michelle Monahan had 1.7 pints of semen pumped out of her stomach in Los Angeles in July 1991.

5. Most Sex Partners

Most Sex Partners

In a single day during Eroticon in 2004, Lisa Sparxxx, a noted American pornographic actress, had sex with 919 men in one day.

6. Longest Fapping Session

Longest Fapping Session

A man by the name of Masanobu Sato attended the 2009 Masturbate-a-thon held by the Center for Sex & Culture in San Francisco and set the world record for longest session by going at it for 9 hours and 58 minutes.

7. Largest Penis

Largest Penis

The world’s largest documented penis by a living person is Jonah Falcon’s, whose penis measures 13.5 inches long.

8. Largest Vagina

Largest Vagina

The world’s largest vagina belonged to Anna Swan (1846-1888), which measured 19 inches in circumference.

9. Biggest Orgy

Biggest Orgy

A recent achievement for Japan, the world sex record for biggest orgy had an astounding 250 couples going at it in a nice and orderly fashion.

10. Longest Daisy Chain

Longest Daisy Chain

Also called a spintriae, a daisy train is a line of people joined end to end (or front to back) in sexual union. The Roman Emperor Tiberius (14-37 AD) was apparently a huge fan, and frequently incorporated it in his public orgies. The number stretched to around 30.

11. Largest Porn Collection

Largest Porn Collection

Daniel Gluck, owner of Museum of Sex, is also the owner of the world’s largest porn collection. It was bought from Ralph Whittington, and the collection consisted of more than 500 boxes stuffed with photos, films, magazines, and the kind of sexual knick-knacks.